One step closer to ubiquitous computing

On Thursday I finally got the time to sit down and try and get PPP connectivity working over my Kyocera 7135 cell phone. I’m on the Verizon network, which has a data service referred to as ‘1xRTT’, a high speed transport for digital communications. Most of the modern Verizon phones support it, and the 7135Read More

Target practice! Good trebuchet fun.

I’m not totally sure why this is on a job search engine site, but this flash-based trebuchet emulator is a lot of fun. It’s not as comprehensive as some of the emulators, but it’s sort of fun to fling stuff for maximum distance and accuracy. My best qualifying distance so far is 480, though IRead More

When Applications Go Right

There are times when it’s cool being a developer. Both Lisa and Sarah are being my sort of beta testers for CONGO, my conference management software. We’re using it to manage registration for Arisia. So far things have been pretty smooth, with only one serious “It keeps crashing!” situation. Since I’m the sole developer ofRead More

Latest Firefox + Google fun…

Picked this one up this weekend. If you’re running Firefox, and you pretty much know what you want to find in google, just type the string in the URL field and hit enter. Firefox queries Google, and automatically redirects you to the first link Google returns. Want to see the IMDB entry for someone? TypeRead More

Where in the world is Dave?

This weekend I’m travelling to Washington, DC, to attend SMOFcon 22, a sort of meta-convention for people who run SF conventions. I’m staying at the Wyndham Washington DC through Monday. This is one of those inside-out hotels – no real windows on the outside, all the rooms look in on a 12 story high atrium.Read More

Today’s Musical Masterpiece

Time again for a music moment. Radio Paradise again hits my buttons dead on with playing Nickel Creeks “Smoothie Song“. If you have any interest in modern ‘folk’ instrumentals, with powerful fiddle, mandolin and guitar, run, dont’ walk, run and get this album