Latest Firefox + Google fun…

Picked this one up this weekend. If you’re running Firefox, and you pretty much know what you want to find in google, just type the string in the URL field and hit enter. Firefox queries Google, and automatically redirects you to the first link Google returns.
Want to see the IMDB entry for someone? Type ‘imdb noah wyle’, and voila, you’re there. Internet Keywords basically without sending money to AOL or Microsoft, courtesy of Google, and this one works on any platform.
Seems to also work for ebay. Looking for a new calculator? Type ‘ebay calculator’.


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  1. USER interface

    When web browsers were new you had to enter the whole URL… “”… you couldn’t leave off the “http://”. Geeks gave a large outcry when web browsers started adding the “http://” for you. Then, heaven forbid, people co…

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