Digital image post-processing

Over the last few years I’ve been learning more and more about digital photography and what is necessary to take a decent picture. What I’ve been ignoring up until now is the importance of post-processing. To me that’s something folks do in magical tools like Photoshop using mystical hand-waving and “File->Picture->Make Better” type operations. ButRead More

My Daily Conversations with Eclipse

Having now converted my development environment to Eclipse, I’m going through the normal growing pains associated with going from a total command line “edit, save, exit, compile, look at error, re-edit…” cycle to a totally integrated interactive IDE. The last immersion I did in this type of environment was using Turbo Pascal 7 somewhere backRead More

KDE Chatterings: Amarok

I’m really getting into my new KDE 3.5 desktop based on the latest release of Kubuntu linux. The level of integration and polish that has gone into the system is constantly amazing me. I’ll be chatting about various applications and components shortly, but I’d like to talk about one in particular right now. Amarok. TheRead More

PalmOS is dead. Long live PalmOS!

I’ve been a long term user of the Palm platform dating back to the original US Robotics PalmPilot with it’s serial hotsync cradle and absolutely zero expansion capability. I initially poopooed the first person who described the device to me. “No connectivity, no storage, can’t do anything except tap on the screen when it’s notRead More

A week of changes.

“Forgive me Blogosphere. It’s been 9 days since my last posting…” A lot has happened that’s new an interesting in the last week, but let me touch on a few highlights. I have many interesting postings brewing about various topics, but here’s a few tidbits… Kubuntu Linux Rocks Yes, I had ANOTHER hard disk failRead More

More Verizon Obscenities

I’m having a harder and harder time lately getting behind my phone provider, Verizon Wireless. On the one hand, they have by far the most complete and well run network around. No dropouts, excellent coverage, etc. I’ve been using my Kyocera 7135 phone for almost 2 years now on the Verizon network, and things haveRead More

Hedges in Natick

hedgerow Originally uploaded by eidolon. Winter in the Boston ‘burbs. Along Rt 27 near the house (see next picture) was a set of trees sculpted by the local BMW dealer to hide their storage lot. I found the contrast of the snow, the trees, and the sky fascinating.

Microsoft in a nutshell.

While working with a client in the first stages of abandoning a tightly coupled Microsoft environment for a Java based one, the following phrase was uttered: “MIcrosoft is like a girlfriend that makes it impossible to break up with. You think you’re free, but you’re not because she still has all your cd’s.” I doRead More

The Culture of Opensource Support

One of the big arguments often heard against using opensource software for mission critical applications is “Who do I call if something goes wrong?” In the commercial sector, the answer is simple – call up the manufacturer’s support lines, and in theory, you can get your answer. In practice, as most have discovered, this isRead More

Verizon melt-down on NYE?

I haven’t found a cite yet, but I’m willing to bet that Verizon SMS network traffic leapt through the stratosphere last night on New Years Eve. I’ve been using SMS messaging a fair amount with Cat, and last night got a “Happy New Years!” (she was out pahtaying whilst I was home with sick childRead More