Improv group arrested on NY Subway for not wearing pants!

As reported on their website Improv Everywhere staged an event and… :

Today’s No Pants was halted by the cops about halfway through. One frustrated cop freaked out and called in 25 more. 8 were ticketed and summonsed to court, 6 of the 8 were handcuffed and traveled in a police van to a precinct. Everyone has been released and is fine. More info as it develops. Keep checking this page, and the comments below for updates from everyone involved.

There’s a wonderful Flickr photo set available.
I’m still wondering what they were actually arrested for.


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2 thoughts on “Improv group arrested on NY Subway for not wearing pants!

  1. The funny thing is one of the other articles said they were stopping folks from getting on the train, and were therefore a danger to the public.
    Hello? They’re commuters, just like everyone else. “Sorry, ya’ll arte too many for this train. We’ll have to arrest half of you now.”

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