The Weekend that Was

P5290091.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon. My goodness, what a couple days. I’ll try and write a nice long pictorial history of the trials and tribulations that were AnimeBoston. All in all, a successful, if exhausting event. By far the largest deployment I’ve ever done, with our fastest throughput ever (over 500 badges printed per hour).Read More

Spring Storm

Spring Storm Originally uploaded by eidolon. We get some lovely storms coming up the coast. This one was the leading edge of a storm front that just whipped through Worcester county. The radar image looked just like a boomerange. Nothing in front of it, nothing behind it, heavy rain and wind and clouds at theRead More

Barcamp Boston! June 3-4, Maynard

Looks like I’ll be doing registration work for Barcamp Boston at’s offices in Maynard. BarCamp is an un-conference – a sort of on the fly get together for geeks to talk about geeky stuff and hang out. Sounds like fun, and sounds like an opportunity to talk about CONGO to an appreciative audience. ThisRead More

Fruit Bowl!

P5210003.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon. I rarely get the chance to create something in the kitchen, but somewhere I got a reputation for making nice fruit bowl sculptures. Since we’re going down to a birthday party for Catya‘s grandmother today, I had a request to make another fruit bowl. This was a smaller watermelon thanRead More

The Geek Farm

Following along my comments earlier about following in Steve Ciarcia’s chatterings in his column in Byte magazine called Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar, I’ve decided to do something similar. I frequently talk about the machines I run here at Chez Geek, without really having a library showing them. Each of these machines has filled a specific nicheRead More

A Wikipedia evening

Tonight I spent some time working on Wikipedia, specifically finally creating my own user page, and cleaning up a few articles I had contributed to. The big change though was I actually found a topic for which there appeared no Wikipedia article. So I went ahead and created a page about the AT&T 3b1, aRead More

Volleyball in the Boston Area?

So thanks to blk dragging me to a couple pickup games on Saturday while visiting scenic Pittsburgh, I’ve gotten the urge to look for some evening volleyball leagues in the Boston area. I found the Boston Area Volleyball Players forums, which I’ll be posting to shortly, but does anyone have personal groups they play with?Read More

Travelling in Style

This week I’m on the road to scenic Pittsburgh for a few days. While there are various wonderful aspects of this trip, there is also the bonus of being to test out various geeky projects that have been percolating around.

If you weren’t angry before…

… there’s no reason to hold back now. I’ve avoided political discussion for a while, mostly because the world pretty much knows how awful Bush is, and commenting on it just makes me angrier. But this article from the Boston Globe has to be read by anyone who thinks that Bush is still acting inRead More

JRemoteforMyth Released

Folks, family, and friends may have noticed I’ve been fairly absent from posting, chatting, and general socializing for the last few days. A chunk of this mysterious quietness can be attributed to digging my fingers into a coding project I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve just released JRemoteforMyth. This is a webstart-enabled appRead More

Article Subscription fixed

A week or three ago our wonderful blogmaster installed the subscription module into Movable Type. Unfortunately, a configuration wasn’t quite set right, and subscriptions were not working. If you want to receive mail notifications when a thread updates or changes, you can now subscribe to the thread (see the article detail for the field). You’llRead More

Oh sure, why not

Just because math education is something I’m curious about – how much do folks really hold on to later in life? You Passed 8th Grade Math Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Math? I even know which one I got wrong. And no, I’m not going to tell you.