The Geek Farm

Following along my comments earlier about following in Steve Ciarcia’s chatterings in his column in Byte magazine called Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar, I’ve decided to do something similar.
I frequently talk about the machines I run here at Chez Geek, without really having a library showing them. Each of these machines has filled a specific niche in what I do and helps me pursue my various n sundry projects. As I go on about various tinkerings, I’ll try and keep the pages up to date with new upgrades and changes, and link to them whenever mentioning them.
So, without further adieu, I give you… The Geek Farm:

  • hunter – IBM T40 Thinkpad
  • endor – AMD Shuttle
  • yawl – Dell GX-260
  • winxp – AMD Shuttle (the only windows box)
  • deathstar – Old AMD box, running MythTV

There are others, but these are the primary machines that live here in my office. Good eggs, all of them 🙂


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