Clinton’s Interview on FoxNews

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what it’s like having someone in power that can actually make an intelligent, reasoned argument. Someone who makes informed, intelligent decisions, and thinks before acting, as opposed to acting, then justifying. Chris Wallace interviewed Bill Clinton on Fox News recently, and tried, as Fox will do, to spin the conversationRead More

My Daily Conversations with Eclipse, Pt II

My ongoing conversations with Eclipse (see this older post for Pt 1) dbs “Edit that.” eclipse “no.” dbs “but it’s open in the editor.” eclipse “nuh uh.” dbs “*enter*enter*enter* CMON!” eclipse “nope” dbs “owait, i’m in the svn browser aren’t i?” eclipse “_I_ knew that. Don’t know what your problem is..” dbs “fine, java perspective,Read More

An old programmer…

… can learn new tricks? As part of my current contract, my employers are embracing new procedures and techniques for application development. While the normal buzzwords of “EXTREME PROGRAMMING” and “Agile Development” are being bandied about, they’re not being whole-hog embraced, with the managers marching zombie-like into an undeliverable product schedule. We’re trying new techniquesRead More