Clinton’s Interview on FoxNews

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what it’s like having someone in power that can actually make an intelligent, reasoned argument. Someone who makes informed, intelligent decisions, and thinks before acting, as opposed to acting, then justifying.
Chris Wallace interviewed Bill Clinton on Fox News recently, and tried, as Fox will do, to spin the conversation into simple little “groupthink” boxes – “Democrats are weak on terrorism”, “Clinton should have gotten Bin Laden when he could have” etc etc.
Clinton completely smacks Wallace down with details, facts, and truth. The video is fantastic, but the transcript needs to be printed and mailed to household that thinks GW Bush and the neocons are doing the right things for the future of the US and the world.
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4 thoughts on “Clinton’s Interview on FoxNews

  1. Once, Just Once, I would love to hear a Pro-Clinton fanatic admit that he might have, heaven forbid, slipped up.
    Face it, Clinton blew it, now deal with it

  2. I can’t possibly see how calling Fox News on their slanted, ridiculous interviewing style can be called ‘slipping up’. At no point did Clinton rant, rave, yell, or wave his arms around or, more direct to the point, say anything that wasn’t even remotely true.
    If confronting people who are spreading unsupported rumors and perpetuating ‘groupthink’ “of course democrats are weak” with reality and coherent, researched thought is ‘screwing up’, I’d hate to see what “doing the right thing” looks like.
    Owait, that’s what the current administration is doing.

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