The man I look up to in music.

My hero. This is Vic Wooten, to my mind the best blues/funk/jazz/fusion/whatever electric bass player alive today. I’ve met him in real life, after a Bela Fleck concert in Somerville. He’s not a particularly tall man, quiet, small hands, but is magic on the bass. [youtube] The instrument he’s using is of the sameRead More

Off to a… spooky start.

Well, today I received my spiffy Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc recorder and player. It’s a fantastic little machine, very sexy and elegant. It does, however, require the SonicStage software from Sony. I did the full installation, and went to run it, and got this dialog. I haven’t rebooted yet, but I’m just getting that little shiverRead More

Ice on Prez Day

P2200170 Originally uploaded by eidolon. Zach and Pascal and I went for a walk out on Lake Cochituate (which, except for ‘fast current’ spots, was solid down to about 14 inches). We hiked out into the ‘main’ section of the lake, and I was struck by the wide-openness, blue sky, and crystal clear air. ItRead More

Come to our Intro meeting!

If you’ve ever even THOUGHT about living in Cohousing, now’s the time to come to our introductory meeting tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm in Marlborough. Mosaic Commons has received it’s building permit, and will be starting construction this fall. Even if you’re not ready to commit to Mosaic or not even sure about cohousing in general,Read More

Thomas Dolby’s story…

I like reading Thomas Dolby’s blog. He’s a decent writer, and just tells things as they are. It’s a great window into the day to day goings on in the music industry. A recent post however had me all teary reading it. Thomas describes a moment in 1985 working with Stevie Wonder. I heartily recommendRead More

FoxNews Spamming Continues

As if we needed more evidence of the sleeziness of FoxNews, here’s a pretty concrete example. About a year ago, I posted about foxnews spamming. I’ve continued to receive these posts fairly regularly, but decided to look a little deeper. Today I got this posting – this is in the format I receive in emailRead More

Interactive Tabletop Synthesizer

This thing is by far one of the COOLEST gadgets I’ve ever seen. Watch the videos – it’s hard to explain what it does without seeing it in action. The summary on their page is: The reactable, is a state-of-the-art multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share completeRead More

The Best News Possible

A brief life post. This evening we’ve received confirmation that our cohousing project, Mosaic Commons, has cleared the final regulatory hurdle between us and our building permit. As of 7pm tonight, we officially have a permit to continue with construction and development of our property in Berlin, MA. This has been a year long complexRead More

My USB bus runneth over.

Is this a problem for the 2k’s or what? Poor clipper is having a hard time dealing with my rampant gadget-itus. Since USB has really taken over the ‘small component’ interconnect need, the number of devices connected to your standard power-users desktop machine has gone through the roof. Well, I’ve hit the wall myself. clipperRead More


Nothing like posting on Thursday some details about what happened a week ago, eh? Well, one of the things I did on my absurdly productive weekend was bring yawl back from the dead. Some may rememeber that the poor Dell suffered a fatal drive crash back in December. Since then it’s been sitting, forlorn, silent.Read More