A successful geocache find!

Photo_032307_002 Originally uploaded by eidolon. Zach and I took some time this afternoon to haul the bikes out and go on a geocache hunt. I had been trying to do more of this last fall, but various problems with my receiver got in the way, and we weren’t able to find anything. I’m really frustratedRead More

I tried, I really tried.

While working on yawl this morning, I finally had had enough. I just can’t get my head around Gnome and what to me are very poor design decisions. Without much fanfare, I installed the Kubuntu KDE packages on yawl, restarted X, and was happily back in KDE land. For those curious on how to installRead More

Kids Programming?

There’s been a lot of chatter around the net lately about trying to find programming and introduction to computers-type software for kids to learn on. I mean, we all know where we started, right? TRS-80 and a READY prompt, or the wonderful ] prompt. 5 1/4″ floppies, simple programs, and tinkering through the weekends wereRead More

Books on Treo? Sure, why not.

During some random chattering online, I pointed a few folks at David Weber‘s works. I’ve really enjoyed the Honor Harrington series. Talk about pure unadulterated space opera. Big capital ships, multiple system alliances at war, fleet operations, and military politics all rolled together into a coherent and rich universe. Fantastic. I have gotten in theRead More

I’m not dead yet!

A brief life update for ya’ll. First, I’ve been down sick for the last 2+ days. It started late Friday night after a lovely evening in town at Knitcetera. I was feeling a little sluggish on the way home, and by Saturday morning I knew I had Some Nasty Thing. I’ve been running a fever,Read More

Whiteboard Architecture

Photo_030507_002 Originally uploaded by eidolon. I’m down working at my clients office this week, which invariably includes long detailed discussions on architecture and design (I am a platform architect, after all). This scribble was the result of 2 hours of debate and discussion on how to build an SOA based platform for their application suite.Read More