Lo, I am blocked

So I frequently park myself at the local Panera to partake of their free wireless, tasty coffee, and comfy chairs. It’s also convenient that it’s halfway between home and my son’s school. Yesterday, I stopped by just to get out of the heat. Since I had an hour to kill, I worked up my lastRead More

Updating Jarindex

Grump. I had no idea, but Jarindex was not working at all. Searches were coming up blank. Frustrating, when it’s supposed to be a handy search tool for finding classes in the vast swampland of Jar files out on the net. Anyway, I fixed the indexer, and loaded up Hibernate 3.2 and Jboss 4.2.0 intoRead More

Cool power supply hack!

This is pretty durned neat. I use a standard bench power supply when doing geektinkering. It has a dial for 9v, 12v, etc, and has the normal banana-posts for connecting up power leads. Some bright folks noted that PC power supplies, which are a dime a dozen, are +/- 5v and +/- 12v already. WhyRead More

JBoss Release Grumpiness

This is a geek gripe. Particularly for Java programmers. If you’re not doing JEE development, this probably won’t make a lot of sense unless you like seeing open source companies being beaten up for version incompatibilities. Hello, I’m Dave, and I’m a JBoss developer. (Hi Dave…) Until recently, I was quite content with the seriesRead More

Enabling Relationships

I have to admit, there are times when having an enabling partner brings unexpected benefits. In this case, my wife happens to work for Bose as a project manager, and as such as access to their employee discounts and specials. Because of her signing bonus, we have a lovely Bose Lifestyle 48 soundsystem to complementRead More

got bent?

Photo_060407_002 Originally uploaded by eidolon The eternal challenges of being non-standard. I love my Haluzak Horizon USS SWB (that’s Underseat Steering, Short Wheelbase for you uprights) recumbent bike. It has, however, been somewhat of a problem finding a way to MOVE the damned thing from place to place without taking up the entire back ofRead More