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The eternal challenges of being non-standard.

I love my Haluzak Horizon USS SWB (that’s Underseat Steering, Short Wheelbase for you uprights) recumbent bike. It has, however, been somewhat of a problem finding a way to MOVE the damned thing from place to place without taking up the entire back of the van.

This past week I borrowed my brother in laws’ hitch-mount sorta-tray style bike rack and used it to haul around Zach’s bike, as well as another one we had on loan for blk’s use, but it was really looking like the ‘bent wouldn’t fit on the rack.

Today I needed to cart some kids around, and needed the inside space. Necessity calls! After some adjusting, fiddling, and bungie-cording, the bike is in place, and secure. It works!

In this picture it sure looks like the boom and the back wheel are sticking out a good foot on either side of the car, but in reality they stick out only about 3″, far inside the distance, say, a rear view mirror does. I think we have a solution. It’s even arranged in a way that SHOULD let me put another bike on the inside of the rack. Yay!

Thanks to BIL for the rack loan! I’ll be looking to buy one for real shortly!


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3 thoughts on “got bent?

  1. I had a roof rack on the Golf (see the well-equipped golf posting). I liked it, and it held the ‘bent just fine (and other bikes).
    It doesn’tw ork well on a -van- though, where the top of the van isn’t as reachable. And bikes stick up a lot – I’d start worrying about low branches and drive-throughs 🙂

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