Head-Slap morning

Boy, nothing like realizing that one of your sites has not been serving up content for almost 2 months. The site is ‘up’, but any queries into it returned nothing. Very useful for a lookup/reference tool. :-/ One of these days I’ll get a monitoring system in place that’s more advanced than “Is the serverRead More

Self-Portrait, cam and all

Self-Portrait, cam and all Originally uploaded by eidolon And, as promised in my final change jar post, I transferred the Coinstar number into an Amazon gift certificate, and went shopping. The amount I got from the change jar was just enough to get my dream Digital SLR camera, the Canon 400D, aka the Digital RebelRead More

Today’s GeekSquee

I have much geek-joy this morning. Yesterday was a banner day in playing with all the little toys I have, and building up some new ones. Without boring you all to smithereens going on about details in my Java / XML project, lets go with a few things that are slightly more tactile. Gaming, Cons,Read More

The Monitor Dilemma

I’m in a quandry. Up until recently, I had 3 17″ 1280×1024 monitors on my desk. On the right, the monitor for clipper, the laptop. In the center, the nice Dell monitors, used for yawl, my primary looky-atty one. And on the left, the ‘spare’, which was used for various projects. Well, the one onRead More