So, remember that coin jar?

A month or two ago, I posted about calculating value of change by weight. The proof needed to validate this napkin-scratching figuring would be validated by dumping the change jar into a Coinstar machine, and seeing what happened.
Well, today I did just that. I hauled all 58lbs of coins to the local Stop n Shop and spent 20 minutes sending fistfuls of coins rattling into the machine’s clinking, calculating innards.
When all was said, done, clattered and kachinged, the display happily reported $673.00.
Originally I figured 52lbs of coins would be $544. I underestimated just a little bit, but it wasn’t that far off. One push of the “Pay me please!” button, and the machine happily spat out an gift certificate (and didn’t take anything ‘off the top’ for that, so now I’m off to go camera shopping. Woohoo!)


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