Music for a Mood Change

There are times when I get down, or quiet, or just generally “off”. I can almost always turn these moods around with a solid shot of loud intense music. Today it’s delivered while sitting at Panera and working on some server changes. The track I’m listening to? “Spocks Beard“, doing “I Am The Doorway”. NeverRead More

The Photographers Rights

I found this handy PDF while surfing around last night. It describes the rights a photographer has to take pictures out in the Real World. All too commonly, even the police don’t know the law. In short, in most cases, “If you can see it, you can photograph it”. This rapidly approaches 100% if youRead More

Things I Learned about CONGO at Arisia

This year’s Arisia, as previously noted, was special in that while I wasn’t actively running registration, I was functioning as technical support and consultant for the process. There were a number of organizational, technical, and logistical challenges that came up, and I learned some interesting things.

This morning I slept late

Now, why is this remarkable? Because I am at Arisia, and for the last 6 years or so, I’ve been running (or helping to run) registration. This means getting up very early Saturday morning to set up and run CONGO for the days registrations. This year I’m not running reg. Oh, they’re still using CONGO,Read More

Dear FOSS Developers

I’m speaking specifically to FOSS developers who are involved GUI / Human Interface type development and design. There’s apparently a percentage of ya’ll who seem to think that the proper way to execute a program represented by an icon is to just click on it. Once. I have one thing to say to that. Or.Read More

Snowy Porch

snowy_porch.jpg Originally uploaded by eidolon A quick pic before I go out and assault the walkway and the driveway. We’re in the middle of a January snowstorm here, and stuff is piling up outside. There’s been various forecasts of anything from 6″ to 14″. It keeps fluctuating. We’re at about 6″ now, and it’s stillRead More

OLPC G1G1 final numbers

A couple folks have asked me how successful the OLPC “Give One Get One” program was, since we participated in it to get Zach his XO. OLPC News reports: OLPC just announced that G1G1 raised $35 million dollars with the sale of 162,000 X0 laptops – half (81,000) destined for Haiti, Rwanda, Cambodia, Mongolia, Afghanistan.Read More

Our house, taking shape!

IMG_2976.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon I’ve been pretty lax on the posting front lately. Certainly not for lack of content that I’d like to share with ya’ll, but primarily from lack of organized thinking time. One banner of light in all the nuttiness is receiving regular updates on our house, currently under construction at MosaicRead More

Zach and his XO

Zach and his XO Originally uploaded by eidolon After waiting almost 6 weeks, the XO laptop came via Fedex today. I had been rabidly refreshing my browser watching for tracking information, but didn’t actually see it in the system until it showed up on the doorstep. Zach has latched onto it with quite a bitRead More