Gruff skier is gruff!

Gruff skier is gruff! Originally uploaded by eidolon That was a great day of skiing. This was yesterday (Saturday), up at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. Zach and I went up for a good chunk of the day, hauling our food and other goodies in ourselves (Holy cats is food there expensive. Better to justRead More

Cuz all the k00l kidz are doin it.

My Political ViewsI am a left social libertarianLeft: 5.16, Libertarian: 3.93 My Foreign Policy ViewsScore: -6.68 My Culture War StanceScore: -6.67Political Spectrum Quiz I’m a little surprised at the strong libertarian side of things, as I consider myself a socialist. Some of the questions were… tricky in that I could have answered them in aRead More

Oh yes, I must.

When the workshop is up and functioning at Mosaic this will be one of my first projects. I see it now. I hope I can do half as good a job as this fellow has. Giant Atari Joystick bedside lamp Found via UniqueDaily.