Barry Smith is back!

(Who?) Barry Smith once drew the incredibly awesome Angst Technologies webcomic. He went on hiatus for a while, but has restarted his artwork. I highly recommend reading through the archives – the current strip is on He’s thoughtfully linked the older strips into archives. Ya’ll can finally see the origin of the IT Ninjas.

RadioParadise iPhone app!

Last night I wanted to sit down and listen to some RadioParadise during gaming. Unfortunately, my efforts to get a streaming ‘terminal’ available in the living room (other than plugging in one of the laptops) hasn’t gone particularly well. I remember listening to RP via my iPhone, and since we had Cat’s Bose Sounddock onRead More

The Macs. They tempt me.

I’ve been having… unpure thoughts lately. While I’m fairly happy with clipper running Ubuntu 8.10 as my working desktop machine, I realize that clipper is getting a little long in the tooth (I have not worn the keycaps off, but there’s a distinct ‘looseness’ in the keyboard). It’s now 4+ years old, and while it’sRead More

Not 64 bit.

Not 64 bit. Originally uploaded by eidolon Gall dang it. ‘ketch’ will be the new application server at our colo facility. I’vebeen slowly piecing it together and installing pieces on it. Tonight I sat down to load Debian etch. Lo, it kept coming up with: Your cpu does not support long mode Turns out theseRead More

Lets talk Skiing.

Yesterday (Saturday), Zach and I packed up our gear and headed off to Wachusett to ski for as much of the day as we could tolerate. We had some plans for the evening, so the latest we could get home was around 5pm, but as we left the house at 9am, I didn’t think thatRead More