Camping, Ice cream, and Friends

Back from an awesome weekend in upstate New York with about 180 friends. Geek camping at it’s best. One of the the weekend was making in the neighborhood of 140 different flavors of ice cream using liquid nitrogen as the freezing agent. Zach participated pretty freely this year, and much fun was had by all.Read More

The Language Umbrella

What happens when there’s a rampant conversation going on on a geek channel? It’s time for Umbrella Metaphors. “If a language were used to make an umbrella, what would it look like?” Naturally, there were several suggestions for certain languages. – PHP umbrella is made of ragged pieces of duct tape – VB umbrella isRead More

Say hello to ‘Nimitz’

It’s been no secret that the computing power in our friendly server cluster has been falling behind demand. We have 30-40 users and dozens of websites being driven by a pair of 1U servers that, to their credit, are doing a bang-up job. ‘boomer’, our main server, is but a poor Sempron 2400+. It hasRead More