The Age of the Smartphone

A post by my friend Jim made me think about how much smartphones have changed my personal day to day tasks and interractions. This, coupld with another convo I had with one of my cohousing neighbors before a pingpong match (“Hey, you have an iPhone, right? So, what do you do with it?”) gave gristRead More

Palm’s Deathspiral Continues

According to [this article on]( : > Morgan Joseph & Co. analyst Ilya Grozovsky, one of the two analysts to cut its price target on Palm shares to $0, said “Palm is essentially an accelerating death spiral.” It’s not hard to see where Palm lost out. The [Palm Pre]( is an excellent device. ItRead More

Paypal is driving me nuts.

Why is Paypal so disorganized? If you’re a developer, there are something like 6 different sites that are for use by developers.,, something called (which I was referred to, and sure as hell looks like a phishing site. Or something written by a 12 yr old). All I want is an answerRead More