Things I Learned about CONGO at Arisia

This year’s Arisia, as previously noted, was special in that while I wasn’t actively running registration, I was functioning as technical support and consultant for the process. There were a number of organizational, technical, and logistical challenges that came up, and I learned some interesting things.

This morning I slept late

Now, why is this remarkable? Because I am at Arisia, and for the last 6 years or so, I’ve been running (or helping to run) registration. This means getting up very early Saturday morning to set up and run CONGO for the days registrations. This year I’m not running reg. Oh, they’re still using CONGO,Read More

Buy my printers!

I’m unloading my old badge printers to help finance upgrading to new, smaller, lighter printers from Evolis. This means the badge printers I’ve been using at conventions for the last couple years are up for sale. See the Craigslist ad for details.

Deep Breath.

Aaaaand, we’re back. What an insane couple of days. There’s a whole series of posts brewing in my head right now, but I’ll just touch on probably the one that’s most on my mind. Last week, I was in mid-preparation for Ubercon, an awesome gaming convention I regularly work down in NJ. CONGO has beenRead More

Head-Slap morning

Boy, nothing like realizing that one of your sites has not been serving up content for almost 2 months. The site is ‘up’, but any queries into it returned nothing. Very useful for a lookup/reference tool. :-/ One of these days I’ll get a monitoring system in place that’s more advanced than “Is the serverRead More

Lo, I am blocked

So I frequently park myself at the local Panera to partake of their free wireless, tasty coffee, and comfy chairs. It’s also convenient that it’s halfway between home and my son’s school. Yesterday, I stopped by just to get out of the heat. Since I had an hour to kill, I worked up my lastRead More

JBoss Release Grumpiness

This is a geek gripe. Particularly for Java programmers. If you’re not doing JEE development, this probably won’t make a lot of sense unless you like seeing open source companies being beaten up for version incompatibilities. Hello, I’m Dave, and I’m a JBoss developer. (Hi Dave…) Until recently, I was quite content with the seriesRead More

Getting a release out the door

It feels good when you finally push a release of a product out the door. The last 2 months I’ve been spending a chunk of time doing updates on Keystone. It’s always fascinating working on code that is pushing 10 years old, seeing things I remember writing during the dotcom boom, and finding other tidbitsRead More

Good things aligning.

It’s easy to gripe and moan and stone-kick when doing business travel. While it’s become routine for me, it’s really easy to fall into the “man this sucks. I miss my family” mindset. But this trip, I tried to schedule it carefully, work out what I was trying to accomplish, and stay focused on whatRead More