Good things aligning.

It’s easy to gripe and moan and stone-kick when doing business travel. While it’s become routine for me, it’s really easy to fall into the “man this sucks. I miss my family” mindset. But this trip, I tried to schedule it carefully, work out what I was trying to accomplish, and stay focused on what needed to be done.

So here I am, on my way home, and generally, things worked out okay…

  • In three days, I got an enormous amount of JEE development and design done. Much code was checked in, it works, and the client is happy.
  • Designs I implemented almost two years ago in this project are coming to fruition. This week was the first time we discussed implementing the first application on the framework I designed. Everyone is excited.
  • Clipper continues to be a faithful companion, despite it’s handicap of running Windows.
  • On the way home, I’m able to stop at one of my favorite food establishments, and partake in a beef burger ritual.
  • Double bonus – said restaurant has an open WAP nearby. Thank you whoever you are.
  • From nowhere, a paying client has contracted with Stonekeep to do a series of large updates to Keystone. Wootie!
  • Mosaic is preparing for the final signoff on the design of our homes this Sunday. This is a huge step – it’s where we tell the architects “Go!” and step back to watch the fun.

All in all, a mighty good week. Now all I have to do is drive home in the rain. Fortunately, that’s what XM is for.


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