Ikariam – Civilization goes Web!

Everyone who has had anything to do with computer gaming has probably heard of Civilization, the genre originated by Sid Meier and so successfully built (some would say exploited by) Microprose. There have been many branches of the Civilization pedigree, and I even reviewed one (FreeCiv) a while back. Recently I tripped over another incarnationRead More

Darwinia Mini-Review

I haven’t been doing much reviewing lately, but I thought I’d point a couple of the folks who keep whining about the lack of Linux games to the fine work at Introversion Software. I just completed the demo for Darwinia, a sort of ‘Populous meets TRON’ game. Darwinia is very much a ‘god game’ inRead More

Teeny wonderful games

I recently got pointed at an ongoing contest on Java Unlimited whereby folks are encouraged to write a game that compiles into less than 4k. The size is calculated based on the JAR file resulting from the build, and must include all graphics, sounds, and logic. I recommend folks looking for some light entertainment goRead More

Review: Bang! Howdy

A long time ago on a laptop far far away, I chanced across a new game called Puzzle Pirates. It was from a new outfit on the block calling themselves Three Rings. It looked fun, and even better, ran on Mac, Linux, and Windows without problems due to the wonderous portability of Java. I wasRead More

Space Worms!

Spaceworms is a nice simple flash game, but fair warning! It will really suck you in. The idea is you’re trying to out-maneuver the spaceworms. Use the arrow keys to move your ‘dot’. The worms are faster and more maneuverable than you, but have slightly slower reaction time. Use the edges of the screen toRead More

A new ‘Grow’ game!

I haven’t had more than a few minutes to look at it, but the wizards at Eyezmaze have a new Grow game up on their site. More details later, but I wanted to drop everyone’s productivity as SOON as possible. Thanks to rollick for the heads up. (Note – this link contains a SOLUTION. ClickRead More

Review: Jake2

This is somewhat of a departure for me. I’ve been doing some work for my client that involves WebStart, a system that lets you deploy Java applications from a webserver without installing any local tools (aside from Webstart itself, natch). “A perfect avenue for games!” So digging around, I started looking for games I couldRead More

Planarity – the game!

This is a hyper-simple game, but is great for a couple hours of killed time. It’s called “Planarity” and is available at http://home.cwru.edu/~jnt5/Planarity/. A couple other folks on LJ and elsewhere have posted about it, but the nutshell is you’re given an ever increasing number of vertices on a polygon, interconnected randomly. Your job isRead More

Review: Tactics Arena

Game: Tactics Arena Language: Flash Category: Board / Tactics Tested on: Debian Linux + Firefox Rating: 5 out of 5 Offered by: Tao Games (link) Back in the good ole’ days, a couple bright lights came up with a new computer board game that was a variant of Chess. The game was called Archon andRead More

Review: Rocket Mania

Game: Rocket Mania Language: Java Category: Puzzle / Action Tested on: Debian Linux + Firefox Rating: 5 out of 5 Offered by: Popcap Games (link) Sometimes there are games you just can’t get enough of. Ones that you’ll play for hours until every muscle cramps into place, and you find yourself staggering, quasimodo like, toRead More