View from my hotel room

20071213 New Jersey 043 Originally uploaded by eidolon I’m down in NJ this week working for my client. This is the view out my hotel room this morning. Folks up in Boston have been slammed with the first big winter storm, we just got some ice and sleet. By the way, this at the ChaunceyRead More

Our home.

IMG_2072.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon Yesterday I went over to the site for our once-a-month allowable visit onto the property while construction is going on. It was a nippy 18 degrees out, and the sky had that slate gray of “I’m a-gonna snow on you!” look (and in fact, did drop about 2″ of snowRead More

Yawl gets a new face.

New Desktop Originally uploaded by eidolon Investing in hardware for my workspace is always hard, particularly when it could easily be interpreted as “Oh, that’s just for FUN.” But with the price of LCD monitors dropping, it was time to take the plunge and replace my 17″ 1280×1024 monitor with a Dell 2001FP 19″ 1600×1200Read More

Fall in Massachusetts

IMG_0898.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon I do love the fall, particularly when it gets cool enough to really enjoy the outdoors. Hiking in the woods is one of the best ways I have of unwinding. I took the new camera along and spent some time outside Callahan State Park, in Sudbury, and found the colorsRead More

Self-Portrait, cam and all

Self-Portrait, cam and all Originally uploaded by eidolon And, as promised in my final change jar post, I transferred the Coinstar number into an Amazon gift certificate, and went shopping. The amount I got from the change jar was just enough to get my dream Digital SLR camera, the Canon 400D, aka the Digital RebelRead More

Snarking the Cape Wind detractors.

As usual, The Daily Show nails the tragic issues of the Cape Wind project dead on. Truly, the threat to Nantucket and the Sound is astounding and profound. Good thing that The Daily Show brought this potential debacle to our attention. See the video to understand… what’s at stake. Powered by ScribeFire.

End of the day

End of the day Originally uploaded by eidolon This year has been great for Maine visits, and this past weekend was just super-awesome. It was a particularly stressful week, and also going into another stressy week, so the break in the middle was a welcome respite. Friday night was warmer than we normally like, butRead More

got bent?

Photo_060407_002 Originally uploaded by eidolon The eternal challenges of being non-standard. I love my Haluzak Horizon USS SWB (that’s Underseat Steering, Short Wheelbase for you uprights) recumbent bike. It has, however, been somewhat of a problem finding a way to MOVE the damned thing from place to place without taking up the entire back ofRead More

Debian Package Search?

Search page for Debian Originally uploaded by eidolon Seems like a simple request. I’d like to search the Debian packages to find out information about something I want to install. “Oh wait, I can just use the site to look at the package and it’s history.” Hah, how naive I was. Off to saidRead More

Make Your Own Caption

Make Your Own Caption Originally uploaded by eidolon. There’s so many directions you can go with this picture. How would you caption it? Is it a sad abandoned kids cart in a big cold parking lot? Is it a silly comment about available spaces in Natick? What do you see?