Old geek humor

Remember the days when people wrote long involved wonderful stories and posted them on usenet? One just showed up on the slashdot archives: An apocryphal story from 1987 regarding DEC VAXen, IBM server rooms, and large financial organizations. Make sure you read the comments below it for full attribution.

Fascinating article on skr1pt k1dd13s.

This is an interview between RobLimo (who interviewed me a while back) and a fellow who got fairly into the hacker community. (for the uninitiated, in the security community, folks refer to younger kids who don’t really understand the systems they’re hacking as ‘script kiddies’. They just download a tool and run it, and itRead More

A very productive day.

Wow. What a day. After feeling pretty grim last night, I slept in a little this morning, getting up around 9:30 to Cat making breakfast. The Zachster had slept in with me, but somewhere during the morning had gotten up and left. The joys of the barrier means I got a decent night’s sleep, andRead More

Opinions on ‘adwords’?

So it costs bux to host all these websites at Homeport. Our T1 is through Cambridge Bandwidth Consortium (great bunch of guys, lemme know if you’re in the Boston area and want Good Bandwidth [tm]). So how do generate some revenue? First thought is of course advertising. The least noxious of all the adserver networksRead More


Remember that cool device on the back of the deLorean labelled “Mister Fusion” in Back to the Future? The concept that a fusion reactor producing virtually unlimited power could be brought down to the level of a coffeegrinder was whimsical, but gave that ‘gosh the future’s gonna be cool’ feel. Well, we might be oneRead More

I found my pants!

Ha, suddenly thought you were reading Ben’s Livejournal, weren’t you? Neener! For some reason my favorite pair of sweatpants has gone missing for the last month or so. Since I’m working from home a lot of the time now, the requirement for business dress is lowered a bunch. Nothing like dropping the morning commute fromRead More

Fun with virtual host aliases

With some help from the folks on the #apache channel on irc.freenode.net, I’ve set up a bunch of aliases for the blog. So you can now URL to the blog as ‘planetgeek.homeport.org’ or any other variations, such as ‘dbs’ ‘dave’ ‘geek’ ‘shayde’, etc, and they’ll all go to the same place. The trick is toRead More