Would you trust these people?

From The Progress Report on www.americanprogress.org….

RUMSFELD DISHONESTY CAUGHT ON FILM: The most vivid display of the Administration’s widening credibility gap came when CBS’s Bob Schieffer asked Rumsfeld “If Iraq did not have WMD, why did they pose an immediate threat to this country?” Rumsfeld retorted, “You and a few other critics are the only people I’ve heard use the phrase ‘immediate threat.’ I didn’t…It’s become kind of folklore that that’s what happened.” Schieffer repeated his question but Rumsfeld challenged the reporter saying, “If you have any citations, I’d like to see ’em.” At that point, NYT columnist Tom Friedman read Rumsfeld his own words, pointing out that the Defense Secretary had told Congress on 9/19/02 that “No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people” than Iraq and that “some have argued that the nuclear threat from Iraq is not imminent [but] I would not be so certain.” According to the transcript of the show, Rumsfeld replied “Mm-hmm. It–my view of–of the situation was that he–he had–we–we believe, the best intelligence that we had and other countries had and that–that we believed and we still do not know–we will know.” American Progress has posted a video clip of this exchange.

Other entries follow… I challenge anyone to read this simple summary page, with citations, supporting information, transcripts, and facts gathered together… and contine to have faith that the Bush Administration is worth the American people’s trust.

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Working from home…

Ahh, day 1 at home full time. Work is getting done, UPS is delivering and picking things up, I’ve had my coffee, and I’m going to get lunch shortly. Clients contacted, emails exchanged, contracts negotiated.
I responded to every one of them with “Take me off your list”, we’ll see if it helps. Have folks signed onto the National Do Not Call list, and has it worked? This is gonna drive me batshit.

Good business news.

On Friday I got a verbal agreement from an angel investor who has agreed to finance Stonekeep‘s operations at least for 6 months. We’ve agreed on financial arrangements and other details necessary to make this work. This will allow me to focus completely on Stonekeep’s client base and systems and build the company up into a self-sufficient business.
I’m hyper-excited about this. I’ve got great expectations now that I have the opportunity to really build CONGO (and to some extent Keystone) back up into the high end systems I think they can be.
Exciting times ahead!

That’s no boat. That’s a SPACE STATION!

When a J-Class Racing Sloop just isn’t enough. A company has almost completed the largest sloop-rigged sailboat ever.
The Mirabella V is 246ft long, sports a carbon fiber mast 300′ high, carries a 29′ 400hp tender in a special ‘garage’ in the transom, as well as a full complement of jetskis, laser racing boats, and zodiacs.
Personally, I think the boat is ugly as sin, but it -is- enormous. Make sure you check out the gallery.

Guilty pleasure

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution, or just ‘DDR’ for short. In premise, it sounds like a bad joke. “Okay, so you stand in front of this computer, on these pads, see, and it shows you the steps to make in time with the music. When it lights up, you step on the arrow. Keep up with the music and the steps, and your score goes up. You get scored on timing. You can compete against someone else at the same time, too!”
Wow, how… uninviting-sounding.
But in reality, this game is a -hoot-. It’s far more social than I expected (as in, it’s a lot more fun to play when either you’re playing with someone else, or with a group of people). It’s a helluva lot of exercise. A half hour of playing and you’re generally drenched with sweat. Fortunately we have a big room wit a big TV in it, so folks can sit around and watch and have fun, as we did last night.
Arora and I just took a midday break and played for about 45 minutes. Fun! It’s great when the two players are in sync, and keep up with each other and the game.
Now, back to work, but I’m sure we’ll hit it some more later.
For folks who know this game, we’re playing Konamix on a Playstation 1. Absolutely prehistoric by DDR standards, but for us newbies and wannabees, this is just right.

Listening to Schooner Fair with Zach…

From Schooner Fair — Alive!
MAN i wanna get sailing again…..
Frederick W. Wallace / Arr. & Adapt. Schooner Fare
We first heard this song in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Later we found it in a North American folk collection. The story is unchanged but the rhythm, melody and chords have been rewritten. It’s the story of a record-setting voyage between Portland, Maine, and Yarmouth, N.S., with a little help from Portland bootleg rum.

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A… Not so productive day.

Boy, nothing like having a couple really busy days, then when finally sitting down for First Day On the Job, you don’t get diddly done. *sigh*. Today was nutty with a dentist appt this morning, and 2-3 hours of aftermath where I was hurting a lot more than I normally do after dental work, then a rapid fire series of visits from various in-laws.
Durn. Maybe I can get some quicky code done tonight.
Just ranting. Back to blogland…


Today was my last day at my fulltime employer. It was harder than I expected to walk out the door, but I still truly believe it’s the right decision for me personally.
I’ll be focusing my energy fulltime on my own business now, and all that entails. Part of that will include doing some contract work on the side to help pay the bills, but it’s all part of Business [tm].

Switched blogrolls, and a recommendation

I’ve changed where I pull my blogrolls (displayed as the ‘other blogs’ section on Planet Geek’s main page. I had been using Blogrolling, but I found their interface cumbersome, and their features lacking.
I’m now pulling the roll from Bloglines , a great site run by the same fellow who originally founded eGroups, (now Yahoo! Groups).
The other advantage is BlogLines is an online Aggregator, which can summarize multiple websites and blogs into a nice browseable form. Feel free to add Planet Geek to an account on Bloglines, and you’ll see postings show up there.
The LiveJournal ‘Friends’ pages are an example of an aggregator, though they’ve tailored the concept considerably to LJ’s particular view of the blogging world.
Between your own LiveJournal friends page and Bloglines, you should be able to read virtually all the news / blogs / comments sites on the net.

A good argument for those pesky anti-gay activists…

Seems to be the day for me to post links to other blogs and the like. However, I make it a rule to, every couple days, check into Snopes.com and check out the ‘Whats New’ section, which covers the current rumors, blatherings, and other joy that tends to circulate on the net. I don’t know how many times people have sent me something in email, only for me to reply with “That’s an urban legend, here’s the link to snopes…”
Today I saw a great blurb, purportedly to be an open letter to Dr Laura. I’ll reproduce it here, though the original authorship is unknown (the Snopes article refers to a “Kent Ashcraft”, but it’s certainly not definite.

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