Deepest Sender

A Livejournal Client that plugs right into your Mozilla installation via the Tools menu.
Briefly – This sucker’s neat. It works, it’s small, it’s always there, and Just Plain Works.

I’ve been running Mozilla in various forms for quite a while, and recently have switched completely to Firebird (now called Firefox) on all my platforms. I’ll post another review of these tools later, but one of the neat things about these programs is they allow easily installed, platform independent extensions to be added. These extensions are installable via the Tools->Options->Extensions screen.
Deepest Sender is a tool that lets you do postings, editing, and minor maintenance to one or several Livejournal accounts.. It installs without a hitch into Firebird (and migrated into Firefox with no changes), and has some serious advantages.
Probably the best feature I’ve seen is being able to flip back and forth from “I will format in the HTML for you” to “Let me edit in HTML form”. This is invaluable when putting a bunch of links and other goodies into your post.
If you’re using any of the Mozilla browsers, there’s no reason not to try Deepest Sender – it’s a painless install, and can run on any platform, unlike Semagic or other clients. It’s reasonably zippy, unobstrusive, and fun. Thumbs up!


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