Opinions on ‘adwords’?

So it costs bux to host all these websites at Homeport. Our T1 is through Cambridge Bandwidth Consortium (great bunch of guys, lemme know if you’re in the Boston area and want Good Bandwidth [tm]).
So how do generate some revenue? First thought is of course advertising. The least noxious of all the adserver networks I’ve found is Google’s AdWords program. (A good example of what pages look like with AdWords ads in them is Google itself – a few snapshots are here.)
Has anyone had experience with these folks, good or bad?
Course, the second possibility is paid hosting, but that market is _so_ crowded now, and the costs are so cutthroat, we’d need tremendous volume just to break even, and we just don’t have the time or money (though we do have the physical resources in bandwidth, servers, and infrastructure 🙂
Curious about all the stuff we host on our line? I’ll throw that into the extended link… lotta neat stuff 🙂

Not to mention a LOT of email messages (somewhere around 4000 a day)
Any of these generate a fair amount of traffic on their own, with natural spikes and troughs. We average about 40-50kb/sec as it stands now, but we’re steadily increasing.


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2 thoughts on “Opinions on ‘adwords’?

  1. Paid hosting (and paid accounts) will probably be the way to go. I’d chip in for my account..lord knows its been worth it to me.

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