Fascinating article on skr1pt k1dd13s.

This is an interview between RobLimo (who interviewed me a while back) and a fellow who got fairly into the hacker community. (for the uninitiated, in the security community, folks refer to younger kids who don’t really understand the systems they’re hacking as ‘script kiddies’. They just download a tool and run it, and it hacks the systems for them)
Anyway, this fellow really lays out how the community operates, and how they network together.
Check out the article on newsforge.

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One thought on “Fascinating article on skr1pt k1dd13s.

  1. Very little has changed in “the scene” since I used to hang out at 2600 meetings.
    One thing they didn’t mention: there are people who do know what they’re doing who are in touch with the script kiddies, who will write exploits and leak information to the kiddies out of some kind of bizarre nostalgia for their days as a young-in.
    I have to admit, though, that I’m a skeptic on “cyberterrorism,” although if the trend continues of putting things on the Internet that should never, ever be there, it’ll be more of a problem.
    As it is, I’m a lot more worried about, say, getting anthrax in the mail than I am about my website being DOS’ed. Attacking the NSA website may make the attacker feel real 1337, but it does bupkus to the real job done at Ft. Meade.
    http://www.vmyths.com may make good reading here, especially now that the editor is back from Iraq.

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