A motorcycle trip to Chernobyl

I know there are very few people who read my blog that do not read Slashdot, so I’m sure most of ya’ll have seen this, but I think it bears talking about.
These pages are the photo journal of a woman taking a motorcycle trip through the area surrounding Chernobyl, where, in 1986, a soviet-era nuclear reactor exploded. These direct and moving images document an area that has basically been frozen in time for the last 20 years.
The impact of the disaster is still being felt not only by the people who lived within the 30 kilometer “dead zone” around the reactor, but also the communities and families all through the region, who are still reeling from the impact.
By the way, in doing some research for this posting, I found the ibiblio entry above. I highly recommend reading some of the links from there, it’s a fascinating look into what the USSR was like during the cold war.


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  1. It’s worth noting, I don’t read /. either – though I had, indeed, seen this link a while ago…

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