iCal migration, phase 2

We’re making progress, really! Catya and I have published our iCal calendars onto a common website now, and have a piece of software that lets us browse them via a web browser, but still no updating online.
There may be a ray of hope though. The Mozilla Project has a nifty tool that plugs right into their platform simply called Mozilla Calendar. It uses iCal format calendar files, and allows publishing and subscription via webDAV. Spiffy!
One of the tidbits I liked the best was it can ‘think’ in ‘my calendar doesn’t live here on my machine, it lives on the webDAV server’ mode. This means if I want to edit a calendar, I run up Mozilla Calendar, select the entry from the subscribed lists, make the change, and Calendar says “Re-post this to the server?” – and voila, it gets updated.
This still doesn’t do record locking, meeting invites, or busy planning, but it’s getting there. 🙂
I’m still using Evolution as my mail and calendaring program. I’m thinking of also setting up my contact lists, but I worry about the ‘local storage’ problem again, since there doesn’t seem to be a server manager implementation for contact management like there is for Calendaring, unless maybe it’s LDAP? Dunno. More to explore!


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One thought on “iCal migration, phase 2

  1. I like the idea of this, but…
    Can anyone explain to me how the publishing “feature” of Mozilla Calendar actually works? I have never been able to publish a calendar, and I actually have started to believe that this feature does not exsist/work. I realise that there is the option for it, and I can use that with my settings for icalx.com, but I cannot for the life of me get it to work.
    Just so you know, I have a iCal generated calendar published to icalx.com, which I then subscribe to (at work) using Mozilla calendar (as I have to use a PC at work). I can see the calendar fine. however, if I make changes to the calendar and then publish it, nothing happens. Why? this is what is stumping me and getting on my nerves.
    Any suggestions? Please?

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