I wanna juggle.

I’ve had a screaming urge lately to get out and juggle. Maybe it’s the nice weather, maybe it’s the “I’m not working in someone elses office 10 hours a day”, or maybe I’m just weird. I used to go to a weekly juggling club meeting down in Philadelphia many many years ago, and it was really the highlight of my week, and I’ve been to a couple conventions, but its’ been ages.
So does anyone know of juggling clubs in the boston area that meet regularly? I know about the MIT Juggling club, but know no details. Anyone been there, know if it’s active, how big it is, etc? My old Todd Smith clubs are really beat to hell, but I have 4-5 I can get spinning. My real need is to find folks I can pass clubs with for a few hours, so I can get back up to speed and start learning again (I haven’t learned a new pass or trick in probably 15 years. Yikes!)
Anyone? 🙂

Dave Shevett


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3 thoughts on “I wanna juggle.

  1. oh, i suppose i’d have to learn clubs, huh? 🙂
    (you should see if you can disable lj comments if you don’t want people to comment there, i keep forgetting..)

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t disable LJ comments for RSS feeds. Because no one “owns” the feed, there is no configuring anything.
    Dave: Oooh, I hope you find someone to juggle with. It was always so much fun to watch people pass clubs in Philly.

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