Things I learned this weekend.

  • I CAN go 2 days without checking email. It’s tough, but possible.
  • When spam filters stop working, I get a lot of spam. And they’ve only failed part way (about 20% of the spam is getting through), but since I get upwards of 350 spams a day, getting only 20% of that in my inbox is a lot.
  • Sarah, the Poi spinning goddess she is, taught me how to spin poi, thanks to Cat’s skillfull preparation of some string, handles, and a pair of tennis balls. It’s loosely related to juggling, so I understood a lot of the basics, and caught on pretty fast. It’s _FUN!_. Nice having an exercise that does something with the upper arms. 🙂
  • Camper trailers rock.
  • Coffee prepared in a camper trailer on a propane stove in the morning rocks.
  • My family and I can in fact coexist in a close environment for several days while camping and not be at each others throats. Yay!
  • Organized drumming can be wonderful, particularly with a good leader. 4-5 drummers who are in sync, paying attention, and can hold a beat can blow away a roomful of noisemakers. Couple that with a lovely fire, great dancers, and a beautiful evening, and you have some mighty nice space.

This has been a PSA.


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2 thoughts on “Things I learned this weekend.

  1. Addictive, aren’t they? 🙂
    Watch out — soon you’ll be wanting wicks and then I’ll be in trouble! 😀

  2. Back in the day, I did flaming torches. There’s nothing as much fun as passing torches in the dark, particularly across a fire. Bestest is doing a box-pass (4 people passing, crossing clubs in the middle).
    So doing the flaming thing is just fine by me. Though I really do have to stop whacking myself in the nuts before moving on to torches.

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