Loopy website du jour.

I try to keep up on websites that publish regular columns or articles that help shine the light of reason into the cold dark void of societal logic. Two in particular are favorites. The first of course is Snopes.com, which I’m sure -everyone- who reads my blog knows about, has bookmarked, and visit every few days, right? Their ‘Whats new’ column is a great way to stay on top of the latest fad-like rumors flying around the net (Did you know that the reason Taco Bell stopped the little dog commercials was because the dog had been run over by a camera crane? (hint, FALSE).
The other site is James Randi’s site, which has a weekly update on false mysticism, tv psychics, money scams and a slew of other examples of con artists bilking gullible people out of their hard earned cash.
Occasionally though they come up with some really fun ones. The July 2nd column includes a link to, are you ready for this? The site Our Hollow Earth in which they state “ My study of gravity indicates that our earth as well as all planets are actually hollow. ” But wait, there’s more! They’re mounting an expedition to the North Pole where there’s an opening (there has to be, because the Voyager spacecraft found that all the outer planets “emit more energy than they receive from the sun. Radiation is emited from their polar openings from their inner suns to light up auroras over their poles just like our inner sun does here on earth.“)
Well there you have it folks. Don’t dig that garden too deep, you might slip right through.


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