Aieeee! Life! Work! Aiee!

Wow, okay, this is going to be a quick snapshot of what’s going on right now, just to keep folks in the loop. Sorry for nothing particularly deep and poignant lately, but as you’ll see, things are busy…
On the Business front, I have 4 events locked in for the next 3 months, with the first one in Tampa in mid-September. Then off to Reno, NV for Gnomedex, a coolio blogger convention I’ll be doing reg services for (“If you blog, please try Gnomedex”).
Back to the east coast for a quick break, then off to New Jersey for Ubercon IV – a truly wonderful convention – I heartily recommend folks to put it in their list of regularly attended events. Great gaming, great folks, lotta fun.
After that, to Boston for only a week, then off to Baltimore for a big private event there. Yikes! After that, all I have to do is prep for Arisia, which is in January in Boston. (BTW, I’m actually -running- Arisia’s registration this year, not just being a vendor. It’s an order of magnitude more work, and I’m psyched, but if anyone wants to help out, I’m not going to refuse 🙂
Then it’s in to next year, and more events, but I’m too pooped to go on about them now.
In the middle of all this, I have a 1 week contracting gig in town this week, which’ll be nice for the wallet, but pretty wearing on me.
AND ON TOP OF THAT, we’re probably listing the house for sale this week (so Cat and I have been going -nuts- getting the house ready. It’s sort of weird – the house is slowly ‘not being our house’ anymore as we clean and move things out and the like. I guess this is a good thing, but it’s sad as well.
And of course, somewhere along there as well, we’ll hopefully be moving into a new place.
Not to mention that Cat and others are planning Something [tm] for my birthday, and I dont’ have an inkling what. So in the midst of all this chaos, there should be a lot of fun.


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3 thoughts on “Aieeee! Life! Work! Aiee!

  1. So you are moving? Are you building your place?
    Wow, that’s a big change..
    I guess you’ll be staying in the area?

  2. I’m really glad you got the Gnomedex contract. They needed to do something better than last year’s system and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for you.

  3. just wanted to send a congrats on all the events and a wish for good luck with the move and finding a place you really love!

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