Canadian Legislator tells it like it is.

Canadian Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish had said she hated “damned Americans” and called them bastards in the run-up to the Iraq war. She found a new moniker, idiots, on Wednesday in discussing the planned U.S. missile defense system.
“We are not joining the coalition of the idiots. We are joining the coalition of the wise,” the Liberal legislator told a small group of demonstrators.
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4 thoughts on “Canadian Legislator tells it like it is.

  1. Since LJ folks read my blog via an RSS feed, and RSS feeds are not ‘owned’, I can’t turn off comments on it. It’s a drawback in using Livejournal as your RSS aggregator.

  2. May I point out that she’s a backbencher (translation: person who will never get too far in the government, but who can be relied on for controversial quotes. cf. US Rep, Maxine Waters or former US Rep. Helen Cheonworth), and that the current Canadian government is trying hard to repair US-Canadian relations, which went severly downhill uder Chetrien. (Yes, even when Bill Clinton was President.)
    She’s also wrong. Dead wrong. Canada is planning going to be part of the US anti-ballistic missile system.
    The current Canadian PM, Paul Martin, has said that Canada will be part of the program, though he opposes weapons in space.
    Of course, Canada just had an election (one where the Liberals did bad enough that they need NDP support, and thus must tack a little more left than they’d like), so there’s been some backtracking, but I think that the critics are right: Canada’s decision to allow NORAD information to be used as part of the missile defense system is a move towards joining the missile defense system. Of course, since Canada’s air defense system and the US have essentially been merged since the 1950s, Canada would have been part of that system unless it decided to shut down the DEW line and cease participating in NORAD.
    But I would not be surprised if Parrish is totally ignorant of how tied in Canadian defense is with US defense. And it’s a trend that is likely to intensify as Canada’s military capability continues to atrophy.

  3. If you’re interested in the slightest in Canda’s defense, and how closely it’s tied in with that of the US (which goes back further than I thought: it started in 1938, not the 1950s), you read an article that talks about it.

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