Palm toy recommendations?

So I’ve had my Kyocera 7135 palm phone for a month or so now, and I’m pretty well settled into it. Syncing with Evolution on my desktop is working perfectly, installing apps via Gpilot-Install-File (okay, not hte most intuitive or gui-yummy way to do it, but it works), and backing up via the Evolution conduits is all working grand.
I’ve installed my basic handful of apps, headed up by CodeJedi’s ShadowPlan (an application I an’t recommend highly enough. If you like to do project/task tracking via a hierarchial ‘todo’ list, with expand/collapse and organizational tools, this puppy is for your). Other important things are, of course, Bejeweled and the ever-addictive PictureLogic (a Nonogram game).
But what else should I be looking at? I haven’t been heavily immersed in the Palm world for a couple years, so what goodies have come along that I should take a look at? I’ll probably get a new Launcher at some point (though it appears there’s no longer a good free one).
(and has ANYONE gotten Kppp or pppd configured to work through the Kyocera to the 1xrtt network I’m connected to via Verizon? Can’t quite get the swing of it.)


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