What a day.

I’m totally exhausted, but I have to just say I have an amazing group of friends and SO’s and just cool folks around me. For those not in the know, today was the culmination of Cat’s scheming and planning that resulted in a surprise birthday party for me on the Schooner Fame out of Salem. Although I had a few hints along the way, I had no reason to suspect the beauty of the boat, the 40 or so folks who showed up to yell SURPRISE!, and the lovely get together at homeport afterwards. There was food, a cake, family and friends all around.
Special thanks to Rosa for being wonderful company and apparent distractor leading up to the event, and of course to Cat for planning and executing a great party. Thanks to everyone involved for making it a very special day. Ya’ll are great.
There’ll be plenty more on this later, but for now I’m just too pooped.

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