Apparently large chunks of the folks who were at my 40th birthday party have come down with a cold. I know of a dozen or so at least. Headcold, sinus drip, the whole shebang. Whee I tell you, whee.
Sorry everyone, but thanks for the party!

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3 thoughts on “A 40th COLD VECTOR!

  1. Ah, that explains where I got it. Also tells me how long the incubation period is, which is useful, ’cause I was smoochin’ somebody just a couple hours before I noticed symptoms. 🙁 Anyway, it was worth it! (The boat ride, I mean. 🙂 The smoochin’ was also great, but I would not do it with the benefit of hindsight.)
    However, I’ve overheard lots of strangers talking about having colds, too, so I think it’s something floating around.

  2. Yeah, I’ve got this cold (er, A cold) too and I definitely didn’t get it on your boat trip since I was in Arkansas at the time, so there’s somethin going around in general. I visited some parental friends that Friday while I was there and seem to have gotten my symptoms about a day ahead of this crew.
    Bleh. Hope you’re not sick, at least!

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