It’s ’80’s movies no one would ever watch’ week here!

I’m having fun sitting down and going through some of the “old bad” 80’s movies I have in the collection (about 400 titles right now), and I’m dusting off some of the oldies but goodies that it would take a true SF / Fantasy nut to sit down and purposefully put on the DVD or LD player to watch.
2 days ago when I was sick in bed, it was The Sword and the Sorcerer circa 1982, with Lee Horsley, the stud that he is, as the avenging warrior. Good stuff. Demons, big goofy swords, tons of palace guards to slice through, and a couple hottie peasant chicks and princesses. Mmm, good stuff.
Tonight, it was The Keep, Michael Mann’s 1983… err… SF? story about an imprisoned demon in a Romanian fortress. Apparently the book this movie is based on is outstanding, I’ll have to dig it up, but the movie is beautifully shot, and ranks up there in ‘my guilty 80’s movies pleasures’.
Aaand, what’s this? The Keep has some trailers at the end of the laserdisc. A trailer for The War of the Worlds (fantastic movie), and… Barbarella?!? Weird.


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2 thoughts on “It’s ’80’s movies no one would ever watch’ week here!

  1. The Keep is also part of a longer series by F. Paul Wilson. Originally, he wrote some novels that were unrelated, then he put them together. The book he wrote after The Keep, The Tomb, introduced Rapaiman Jack, who has spawned his own series of novels set within the larger arc.
    Wilson’s villains are *very* creepy.
    Check out

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