Ah be here! Arrived on Monday, and have been pretty busy since, so just wanted to drop a few lines to let folks know I’m still kicking about. Having all sorts of network technology problems though. Many of my preparations for road travel didn’t pan out, while others did.
My Kyocera 7135 cell is not doing what it’s supposed to. I think a call to Verizon is in order, but I can’t dial up at -all- with it. So I can’t run my ssh client or my web browser on it. Text messages seem to work, but no data services. The 1X light is on, so it’s -supposed- to work.
I still can’t get my dialup via that phone to work either, but I haven’t been trying too hard. Just no time. Maybe out in Reno at Gnomedex i’ll have a high enough geek quotient to handle it.
I’m gonna go flop into bed – we need to have reg open by 9am tomorrow, which means I need to be moving equipment by 7:45 or so. Whee.


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