Hittin da road.

In the next 1/2 hour or so I’m hitting the road on a 2 week business trip that’ll take me to Florida, then to Nevada, then back here to boston. This is the busiest time I’ve had for work on Stonekeep stuff, and while I’m excited and pleased that things are busy, I realize it’s going to be an intense trip. Really busy, aggressive, exciting times mixed with times of boredom. Sort of sounds like military service, eh? 🙂
I’m going to dig around for a Blog client for my Palm phone so maybe I can make blog entries from the road, but otherwise ya’ll may have to wait until I get back in service range.
I will, btw, have message capability on the phone, drop me some mail for the address, and I can chitchat while hanging out in the airports.
Tally ho!


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