Hello from Lake Tahoe, NV!

Made it! This is my first time in Lake Tahoe (in this case, I’m in South Tahoe, for those who know the area). What a fascinating place.
I do admit that going from Tampa, FL (Hot. Humid. Flat), to the Sierra Nevadas (Cool. Dry. Mountainy) was a bit drastic. Someone probably should have mentioned ot me that Lake Tahoe is at 6100ft, (and my hotel room is on the 11th floor, so I’m up around 6300ft). Nothing like running up the escalator and having to stop and gasp for 2 minutes before continuing.
On the important front, all my gear got here in one piece, it’s all set up and running. Gnomedex will go on as planned! Minor twitches that are the norm for any event, but the show shall go on!
One interesting tidbit. Lake Tahoe straddles the Nevada / California border. Since Nevada allows casinos, and california does not, all the casinos are -right- against the border (as in, crossing a street in town has a sign “Welcome to California”. 🙂
I’ll try and keep things up to date here, but the wireless for the event hasn’t gotten set up yet (and what’s with Harrah’s not having broadband access? It’s a mighty nice hotel, but no net access? Sheesh!


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5 thoughts on “Hello from Lake Tahoe, NV!

  1. they don’t have broadband ‘cuz they want you in the casino, not in your room.
    I love Tahoe, tho I haven’t been there for a long time.

  2. Someone probably should have mentioned…
    I can hardly contain the snark in response to this! But just as it’s all about to come spilling out, the typewriter jams because there’s so much of it!
    Damn this old school technology!

  3. The Road to Gnomedex

    Gnomedex 4 starts tomorrow (tonight, actually, if you’re going to the welcome dinner), and I’ve got my ticket ready. I see that people are starting to trickle into town and get settled in already, but there will be no…

  4. Ya should’ve stayed just down the street at the Holiday Inn Express… Free breakfast, free broadband, free shuttle to Harrahs and quite abit less expensive than Harrahs….

  5. Ya should’ve stayed just down the street at the Holiday Inn Express…
    Actually, since I’m a contractor, not an attendee, I need to be in the hotel near registration all the time. So I gotta be here, but it’s part of doing busines.

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