A game recommendation

While down at Ubercon this weekend (which was a blast, btw – if you like gaming and webcomics, this is definately the place to be. Next Ubercon is in March, 2005!), I sat down in the LAN area during a break from registration, and played Evil Genius for a while.
This is one mighty warped game. You play your standard Evil Genius (straight out of Dr No and the like) building your underground fortress and trying to gain notoriety with your hordes of yellow jumpsuited minions and psychotic sidekicks.
This game was put together by the same folks who did Dungeon Keeper, a game that broke ground by placing you, the player, on the ‘evil’ side of the equation, trying to maintain your dungeon against those pesky heros and wizards who try to wipe out all your creatures. It’s been 5 years since that game came out, and Evil Genius has revamped the concept into a slick, beautifully laid out, modern version of the same concept.
It’s a LOAD of fun, and is making me ponder getting Transgaming Cedega tools in place to try and run the game under Linux.


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