Retro Echo!

How many of these make you go “I know what that is! I used to do that all the time!”


Control-Alt [SIDEKICK!] - Delete

C> ^P[enter] [pause] “GodDAMMIT! “

Hmm. Cool machine. What’s this? Superzap? That must be a game!

[S]pell “Tiltowait” HAHAHHA! DIE!

“Sure, I got Bilestoad. Whatcha got? Ooo, Karateka! ”

“I’ll take 2 doublesided, doubledensities please. Yeah, I could use 3, but I don’t have the extra $2.”

^R^R^R, hm… ^C… yeah… ^R^R^R… okay, i’m done. ^KX.. [C]… Damn [E].

“Whadya mean no command line!?!? It’s a friggin PDP11! Yeah, I got another interpretation of POS…

“Dude, I found this box. $5! 2 RX11s, an 11/34boardset, an RK11D and.. YES! An RL11! You still have those 2 RL01s? Man, this’ll bring me up to 10meg ! Score! Can I borrow some packs? I’ll sysgen this weekend… should only take about 22 hours.”

Wow. Can you imagine getting a ‘login: ‘ prompt? On a LAPTOP? ‘Hey, mind if I log into your machine? Here on the airplane?! Hahahahah!


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2 thoughts on “Retro Echo!

  1. gakushi asks…
    [S]pell “Tiltowait” HAHAHHA! DIE!

    isn’t that nethack?

    Nope! I’ll let other folks try and guess it, but that’s not it 🙂 This may predate you too far, it’s an OOOOLD game. I played it in college (yeah, that long ago 🙂

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