Depressed? Go see Keef!

I’m totally putting the current election nightmare out of my mind and getting on with my life. We survived the last 4 years, we’ll survive the next 4.
I did however get some very good news in my mail this morning. Keith Knight, the artist behind the K Chronicles, is going to be in Boston! He’s doing a bunch of touring about, here’s the info that went out in his mailing:

i’ll be swingin’ on through a few of the cities that run one or both of my strips. if you haven’t seen my slideshow, ya gots ta check it out. favorite strips… censorship stories…shocking, controversial’s the info i’ve got so far:
*SALT LAKE CITY, UT 11/9/04 7:30pm @ Westminster College, 1840 South 1300 East- FREE, ALL AGES EVENT
*CAMBRIDGE, MA 11/20/04 2-4pm @ Million Year Picnic, 99 Mt. Auburn St. Harvard Square-FREE, ALL AGES EVENT
*NEW YORK CITY 11/21/04 8pm @ Jigsaw Gallery, 526 E. 11th St.(between A & B)- FREE, ALL AGES EVENT

I hope I’ll be able to make it, he’s a great cartoonist.
*UPDATE: Did you know that Keef has a blog? I didn’t! He writes some good stuff.


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