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This morning saw the release of Firefox 1.0, a grand day for browsers everywhere. While I haven’t installed it yet myself (I’m still running PR1), we have been chatting about it online.
Firefox has as its default homepage “” which in fact, brings up a modified Google search page that looks like Firefox’s default theme.
Catching the scent of geekitude, we set about finding other interesting pages: – The first one we found, Firefox themed. – Macintosh themed – Windows theme – Simplified view – which carries through to search results. Very handy – Not sure about this one, it automatically brings you through to Google Adwords. – Tux goes Google! – For that, other, less well known browser.
I wonder where Google is going with this? It seems incomplete and inconsistent. Unusual for Google.
Update 11/09/2004 12:55pm…
A few more fun bits were located by Tim and others… – Chuck has his own Google logo! – For the patriots – This one may not count, it’s an HTML page (doesnt’ work without the HTML), but it is a search interface to college sites.
Should be noted that Google has a webpage that mentions some (but not all) of these sites here.


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2 thoughts on “Platform customized Google home pages

  1. There doesn’t appear to be a /windows page after all.
    I’m assuming that these are destination points for built-in browser search boxes on each platform, so that you’ll get a search results page skinned to your browser.

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