Life lessons learned today.

Today I learned:

1) You -can- get used kids skis for a decent price. Play It Again, Sam, a chain of stores around here, had stacks of used kids skis. I got 120cm shaped skis with bindings, size 2 ski boots, and ski poles for a mere $90. Zach and I are ready for the ski season! It’s going to be interesting seeing how him on skis and me on my snowboard will mix it up. Maybe I’ll go back there and look for a used set of skis. My old 195’s are really too small for me now.

2) 256mb ‘Cruzer’ flash pen drives can in fact survive being run through the washing machine. I emptied my laundry today to find said drive sitting in the bottom of the washing machine. I use my pen drive for backing up my databases, mail files, and other important things, so I was a little concerned. After giving it a few hours to dry out, lo and behold, docked it into my laptop, and :

root@jboat:/mnt# df -k .
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1               250496    160064     90432  64% /mnt



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