Ursula LeGuin apologizes for the Earthsea movie.

The worst of the worst happened. The Sci-Fi channels’ production of Earthsea was a screaming disaster, and Ms LeGuin could do nothing about it.
From the interview:

My principal feeling about it is one of sadness, loss. An opportunity thrown away, at great expense. I’m sorry for the actors. They all tried hard. I’m sorry for the people who think they’ve seen Earthsea, but saw a stale, senseless rehash of bits of other fantasy films instead. I’m very sorry for my readers who tuned in thinking they were going to see a film version of my books. To you readers, I apologise. I love movies, and I did want to see an Earthsea movie, so I fell for it. I’m sorry! We’ll do better next time.


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One thought on “Ursula LeGuin apologizes for the Earthsea movie.

  1. I watched the movie, and you’re totally on target. Horrible, horrible, horrible! Horrible. Even if I just judge it on it’s own merits and ignore whatever links it might have tried to have to the book, it’s a waste of a movie. And I usually LOVE B-grade sci-fi movies 🙁

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