Florida may decide to repeal Seperation of Church and State

Somehow, I feel this is just inkling of things to come as the Radical Right is emboldened by recent endorsements of the Right Way of Life in our nations capital…
According to this article in the Palm Beach Post, a senator may introduce a change to the state constitution to remove the seperation of church and state clause.

TALLAHASSEE — Christian conservatives frustrated by court rulings that have found a school voucher program unconstitutional may have hit upon a possible solution: changing the constitution.
Sen. Daniel Webster, a former House speaker and now the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Wednesday he is exploring the possibility of a citizens initiative to repeal the 136-year-old wording that separates church and state in Florida.

I’m particularly amused by the response from the ACLU:

“So if the constitution stands in the way of their radical agenda, don’t change the radical agenda — change the constitution,” said Howard Simon, head of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.
Webster should include in his ballot initiative language to abolish the public school system, Simon said, “because that’s what its real effect would be. Maybe a little bit of honesty is what’s needed.”

Yet another block in the foundation of Jesusland.
Thanks to Aroraborealis for this link.


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