A quicky hi!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted, thought folks would like to at least get a dave-life-snapshot to get an idea where I’ve been.

  • Mosaic Commons, our Cohousing group, is moving into a very intense state of land and busines negotiations. More details on this shortly… it’s taking a lot of energy and time, but it’s very exciting.
  • Arisia is happening this coming week, and I’m the registrar for the event. This means not only am I supplying the systems and software, I’m actually running the registration. I have two great helpers keeping me sane, but it’s a lot of work registering almost 2500 people in under 36 hours. If you’re in Boston, come see CONGO at work!
  • Our house is still on the market. Hopefully things are going to pick up after the holiday and election season. We have an open house today, and know of another prospect that will hopefully be viewing the house this week. Cross yer fingers!
  • Virtually all the people in my social circles have gotten sick in the last 2-3 weeks, including myself. I think we can be done with the vicious flu or whatever this thing is. Zach was out sick from school for almost 4 days, finally diagnosed with pneumonia. He’s on antibiotics now, and the fever and most of the cough is gone, but it was a rough week.
  • Coding-wise, CONGO is coming along swimmingly. The amount of code I’ve written in the last 2-3 weeks has been astronomical, and I’m really proud of the end result. I’ve posted some current screenshots as well as descriptions of how CONGO works on the business site. Check ’em out.

Now, we’re pretty much done with housecleaning, and have to head off to a Mosaic meeting. Life marches on!

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